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1496 North Point Village Center
Reston, VA 20194-1190
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Phone: 703-435-1200  Fax: 703-476-6227

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Service Department Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7:30 - 7:00
Saturday: 7:30 - 4:00
Appointments are recommended

VA State & Emissions Inspections
Monday - Friday: 7:30 - 6:00 · Saturday: 7:30 - 4:00

Serving Reston since 1994.
• Complete Auto Service & Repair • Factory Scheduled Maintenance •
• State Safety and Emissions Inspections • Quick Oil Change and Tire Rotation•
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Your Friendly Neighborhood Service Center
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New!!! 24 months or 25,000 mile warranty on all parts and associated labor.

Serving Reston since 1994.

Routine Maintenance Prolongs The Life And Safety Of Your Vehicle And Is Less Expensive And More Convenient Than Unscheduled Repairs While Helping To Maintain The Value Of Your Vehicle.

North Point Sunoco is your one stop shop for all your automotive service and repair needs. We are conveniently located in the North Point Shopping Center off of the Reston Parkway In Reston, Virginia.

With 2 service bays, an inspection bay, ASE certified techs & managers, ATI trained counter staff and our AAA approved facility; we are prepared to meet all of your service needs.

Why Choose North Point Sunoco?

  1. We Are Committed To Your Satisfaction

  2. We Stand Behind Our Work (Offering the Strongest Warranty in the Business).

  3. -We Guarantee Our Parts And Associated Labor For 24 Months/25,000 Miles
    -All Adjustments Are Guaranteed For 90-Days or 3,000 Miles

  4. We Prioritize Repair Needs

  5. -Review of All Wearable Items on the Vehicle
    -Advise You on Needed Repairs
    -Proper Maintenance Schedules

  6. We Perform Pre-Purchase Inspections

  7. -Helps Customer Make An Informed Buying Decision.
    -Helps Prevent Buyers Remorses

  8. We Provide Local Shuttle Service within 5 miles

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Courtesy Shuttle Service
Courtesy Shuttle Service

Now at North Point Sunoco, our base oil change is a synthetic blend but our prices remain the same.

Why Use Synthetic Blend Oil?

76 Super Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is a premium quality, part synthetic, API SM motor oil designed for use in passenger cars, vans, sports utility vehicles and light trucks under all operating conditions. It is formulated to provide excellent wear protection, to minimize engine sludge and varnish deposits, and to resist viscosity and high temperature thermal breakdown even in severe service. It also protects against rust, bearing corrosion and foaming. The part-synthetic formula provides an extra margin of protection at both low and high temperatures compared with conventional all-mineral motor oils.

76 Super Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is "energy conserving" for improved fuel economy, and exceeds new car warranty requirements as defined by ILSAC GF-4. In addition, it is specifically formulated to help protect and extend the service life of vehicle emissions control systems.


Appointments are recommended for oil changes, if you desire to wait, to ensure that your vehicle is returned in a timely manner and allows us to perform the courtesy check on your vehicle.


We perform visual inspections on your vehicle while it is in for maintenance or repairs. This lets our customers know the overall condition of their vehicles and allows them to make an informed decision on how/if to repair their vehicles. There are times when we recommend not repairing a vehicle because the repair costs may exceed the value of the car.


We perform mileage interval inspections on your vehicle using your owners’ manual and/or Mitchell online service guides. After checking the vehicle per your manual, we will prioritize the items we identify during the inspection.


The following services are recommended at the listed times or mileages. These recommendations are intended as preventive maintenance to extend the life of your car or light truck and help prevent unexpected breakdowns. They are based solely on time or mileage and not on visual or measurements unless specified.


When: Every 2 Years or 24,000 miles.
Why: Oxidation by-products, hose material and metallic debris accumulate in the fluid. As contaminated fluid is pumped through the system under very high pressure, it causes abrasive wear in the pump and the rack assembly, leading to premature wear, pump noise, and erratic steering.


When: Every 2 years or 24,000 miles.
Why: Oxidized fluid and oxidation residues can cause blockage of oil lines or filter screens. Deposits can also cause malfunction of delicate shift control mechanisms or even complete transmission failure.


When: Every 2 years or 30,000 miles.
Why: Deposits that build up in the fuel induction system may cause drivability problems such as hesitation, surge, stalling, hard starting, rough idle and loss of power. Deposits that build up in the air induction system may cause rough idle, excessive exhaust emissions, loss of performance and loss of gas mileage.


When: Flush yearly
Why: When coolant is depleted of buffering ingredients it becomes extremely corrosive, literally eating holes in coolant system components, as well as clogging passageways in the radiator, which may overheat the engine and cause damage beyond repair.


When: 2 Years or 24,000 miles
Why: Flushing the brake system helps to remove deposits, debris and other contaminates that travel in the brake system and tends to fall to the lowest point in the system. This helps prolong the life of calipers, wheel cylinders and the brake master cylinder.


When: Should be checked for alignment every year, should be aligned minimum every 30,000 miles.
Why: Everyday road shock and general wear and tear can knock your alignment out of specifications. When that happens, control of the vehicle may be threatened and the tires may begin to wear unevenly and rapidly. Note: If your vehicle hits a severe bump or curb alignment should be checked

Prices May Vary Depending on Cost & Availability of Parts!
Does Not Include Taxes and Shop Supplies.

Our goal is to provide our customers with great service at a fair price. We understand that the best form of advertising is word of mouth. We pride ourselves on being able to return your vehicle to you in a timely manner, usually the same day and fixed right the first time. We will continually strive to better ourselves through continued education and also by listening to our customers' input/requests.

As a company we made a choice: you can either be the best or you can be the cheapest.
We strive to be the best! We are committed to giving our customers the excellent service that they deserve.

Our Staff

Store Manager

Andrew Green photo
Andrew Green

Certifications: ASE Certified Service Consultant C1, Michelin Leadership certified and Michelin Retail experience certified.

With over 9 years in the automotive business Andrew has been with our Corporation for over 5 years now. His past experience includes various support positions in the Automotive Dealership including car detailing, and retail parts sales.


Eric photo
Eric Quijano

Eric Quijano also comes to North Point Sunoco with over 22 years of experience. Originally from El Salvador, Eric graduated with a degree in automotive repair from Liceo Stanford. During Eric's 22 years in the industry, ten were spent as the owner of his own repair shop.


Hector photo
Hector Alarcon

Hector Alarcon has been associated with the automotive industry in some way since 2001. While in high school he studied auto tech. After high school he attended Wilmington University and graduated with a BA in accounting.

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